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Prevalence of polypharmacy and unnecessary drug therapy on geriatric hospitalized patient in a tertiary care hospital

AUTHORS : Mufeed A, Venkateswaramurthy N*, Sambathkumar
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Background & Objectives: Polypharmacy is defined as the administration of many drugs at the same time or the administration of an excessive number of drugs. The demographic transition in the elderly population constitutes a significant challenge for health authorities worldwide and as a result, elderlypeople tend to take multiple medications in a day that can be referred to as polypharmacy. The burden of taking multiple medications has been associated with greater health care costs and an increased risk of adverse drug events (ADEs), drug-interactions, medication non-adherence, reduced functional capacity and multiple geriatric syndromes. Pharmaceutical care plays an important role in the reduction of polypharmacy in the elderly. The aims and objectives of the proposed study was to determine the incidence rate, various risk factors influencing the increased rates of polypharmacy and contributing factors and incidence rate of unnecessary drug therapy in our geriatric population.

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