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Study of Awareness Regarding Upper Respiratory Tract Infections and Antibiotic use Among Non-Medical Students

AUTHORS : Anjaly MM, Serils B, Ahmed N, Mebin A, Venkateswaramurthy N, Sambathkumar R
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Objective: The goal of the research is to investigate antibiotic use in non –medical students by evaluating the questionnaire and to educate and generate awareness about upper respiratory tract infections (URTI). Methods: A 6 month cross sectional survey of non medical students was performed. Results: A total of 200 students were incorporated in the study, in which 100(50%) were boys and 100(50%) were girls in the age group of 18-21. The result shows that antibiotic knowledge among the population was insufficient. 45.5% says that viruses cause most respiratory infections and 54.5% do not agree with the statement. Only 29.5% believes that upper respiratory infections resolve on its own and 70.5% believes that URTI not resolve by own defence mechanism. Conclusion: A large proportion of improper knowledge of antibiotic and a high rate of self medication with antibiotics were identified in this research. Improper knowledge of antibiotics and the conviction that antibiotics heal URTI more quickly is widely used, with antibiotics heavily associated. .

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